ABOUT US. Contacts

Dear Sirs/ Madam,

We are the exporter of agricultural commodities from Ukraine.

We are working with verified shippers, producers, customers, buyers, traders of agricultural commodities.

Ukraine is a rich region and sales of grain crops grown on it’s territory will be always in demand and prosper. We have a close relationships with farmers across the country, in order to provide our customers the highest quality products. At the moment, the main range of our exports include soybeans, peas, chickpeas, white / black / yellow mustard, coriander, corn, canola. We also work with other cultures and by-products like sugar, flour, oil and meal.

For all the success of our organization stand professionals who know their job thoroughly. Administrative aspect is clearly structured, the company’s operations fully accountable to experienced managers. Therefore, our customers can be confident in the effectiveness of working with us. We are always open to suggestions and happy to cooperate!

We are  looking forward for new buyers.

Please send trade inquiries with indicating selling/ buying leads/ lots following details:

— Name of Commodity

— Packing

— Quality

— Quantity

— Period of delivery

— Destination (Incoterms 2010 such as FCA, FAS, CFR, ect)

— Target Price

— Terms of payment

Please do not hesitate to contact us of any questions or doubt.

We are waiting your responds for future negotiation.

Best regards



4, 19 km Starokyivskoy dor, Odessa, Ukraine